Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A little note to say I miss you.

To my Dad,

I've missed you every day and I know that won't change. You are gone but you are alive in my mind and in everything I do.

There's an eskimo proverb that reads like this.

'Perhaps they are not stars but rather openings where the love of our lost ones pours through'.

For me, nothing could be truer on a clear starry night like tonight.

Dee x.


  1. Hi Dee I have been enjoying reading your blog :) have a read of the book 'wild' by Cheryl Strayed if you haven't already, there's something in it for all of us I think.

    1. Thanks Danny! I started to read Wild a few years ago but found it hard to get into! I should give it another go though, particularly now that it has been made into a movie. Thanks again.