Friday, 8 August 2014

Eat. Shop. Sleep. Repeat. The Melbourne Edition.

Once again, too many words, not enough pictures. Sorry, I suck at this, I know. 

After a cancelled flight then some lengthy delays and a hypothermia inducing walk across the tarmac, we arrived in Melbourne early on Friday morning (we're talking 1AM). We went straight to bed only to be woken early by the clatter of construction works next door so we did the only logical thing to do; left the hotel to get breakfast.

12 Claremont St, South Yarra

My favourite cafe in Melbourne. The interior is light and open and they have the most amazing pale aqua coffee cups. Laura was still sleeping thanks to her ear plugs so it was just Alice and I for this meal. We shared the veggie breakfast, a huge plate with perfectly poached eggs, sauteed spinach, haloumi, avocado, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes ($19) followed by the house made crumpets with mandarin curd, mascarpone and figs ($13) which was delicious but totally unnecessary given the size of our first course.

We didn't make it back here (other than for a takeaway coffee) but distance makes the heart grow fonder and there's no doubting that I'll be back. They also have Top Paddock in Richmond and the very new Kettle Black in South Melbourne which I would looooove to check out. 

Emporium Foodcourt (foodcourt does not do this place justice).

On the bottom level of the very new and shiny (and still slightly unfinished) Emporium is a foodcourt that exceeds all expectations. We went in search of dumplings that Alice had read about on a blog but also found fresh rice paper rolls, ramen and thai street food. Yum yum yum. A great option if you find yourself overcome with hunger while lining up in the fitting room queue at Top Shop.

229 Chapel Street

After a bottle of Prosecco and a cheese platter on the floor in our hotel room, we finally ventured out to find some food at around 9pm. Still on Hobart time, I was amazed and pretty excited about the fact that many restaurants were still just warming up! We headed up Chapel Street to Colonel Tan's; a thai restaurant that becomes a bar come 11pm. The steep staircase and the winding corridors leave you with no misconceptions; you are about to eat dinner in a place that has no doubt been the site of many indecent acts but I feel that this just adds to the appeal. The low red light and sticky tablecloths aside, this place is happening; awesome cocktails, great (and very reasonably priced) food equals good times all round.

P.S by the time we left the tables were being pushed back and there were numerous people looking a little bit too comfortable on the couches.

160 Greville Street Prahan

We arrived just before the hordes of lorna jane clad ladies which was lucky because I would've felt a bit self conscious stuffing my face in front of them and their post exercise glow. This place had one of those menus that is hard to order off because everything sounded so freaking delicious. I settled for the thyme roasted mushrooms on seeded bread with smashed avocado and soft Meredith's goats cheese ($16.50) with an added poached egg ($2). It was my ideal meal. I gobbled the first half without thinking then had to savour every bite til sadly, it was over. The girls were wooed by the eggs benedict on potato roesti which was deemed to be incredible. Coffee good, service awesome, vibe wonderful. Go.

Chapel Street, South Yarra

Ah, Darren Purchese, if I was religious I might start referring to you as God but alas, I am not, so instead you are just the King of Dessert. I managed to resist the urge to buy a second jar of salted caramel but couldn't say no to a dessert. I settled on the staff favourite, a plastic tube filled with layers of mint and passionfruit gel, passionfruit custard, a white chocolate mousse dome sprayed with caramlised white chocolate, a mint crisp and finally, coconut caviar. It's a pity I ate this when I was a) full of Kong goodness and b) a little bit drunk. I'm sure it was amazing though.

599 Church Street, Richmond

So, we arrived at 6PM-ish, well aware that this was a no booking restaurant. We were told there'd be about a 30-40 minute wait so we gave our number and popped down the road for a glass of wine. We headed back before we got a call but quickly found ourselves sitting at the bar, overlooking the kitchen. Our waiter poured us wine and suggested we eat various things and we nodded because we didn't know what else to do. We ate: kimchi 3 ways, wagyu and kimchi dumplings in a light soy dressing, roti roll filled with cabbage, kewpie and lemongrass BBQ chicken, lamb ribs with curry sauce and BBQ chicken. The focus here is on the wood fired BBQ and oven, combine this with the pumping Chin Chin-esque vibe (same owners) then you are guaranteed a good time.

Until next time Melbourne,

Dee x. 

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