Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Winter wonder.

It's hard to believe that almost six months has passed since I last did a post like this. I always mean to do them more often because I love a list and it seems like a good way to document what is going on in my life which is the main reason I keep this blog, whether that's the same reason you read it or not, I don't know!

Making: homemade icecream, banana bread, chocolate brownies and soup are on high rotation.
Loving: Hobart. This is my favourite time of year in our beautiful town. A snow capped Mt Wellington and a dark Derwent River, what a landscape to live in!
Drinking: a pot of chai with honey and milk.

Reading: nothing yet but am going to spend a significant portion of the next 5 weeks of holidays reading! On the list is the Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan, Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet and I'm going to try and finish Wild by Cheryl Strayed despite having tried twice now without success. 
Wanting: to know where working next year. 

Looking: out my window at a cold, pale sky. 
Playing: the new Of Monsters and Men album. Still flogging the #1 Dads album too. 
Waiting: for the solstice to come and go.  

Considering: how I got to be this lucky?
Watching: the new season of Masterchef (always an addict) and the ABC breakfast show which is incredibly daggy but I think that's why I like it? 

Hoping: for beautiful blue skies at the Bay of Fires this weekend. 
Needing: to get outside more after too many long days trapped at my desk. 
Wearing: a lot of wool and my white leather converse. 

Noticing: my tan fading away. 
Thinking: about the amazing people in my future and how grateful I am to know and love them! 
Buying: beeswax candles. 

Getting: organised for 6 days of winter walking on the Overland Track. 
Bookmarking: things to do and places to stay in Thailand. Hot tips appreciated. 
Feeling: loved up. 

Dee x. 

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