Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Things that make it better.

1. Reading books. Good stories, Buddhist enlightenment, abstract poetry- the lot. Whatever takes your fancy and helps you escape your own mind for even just one moment at a time. For me, Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed has been the stand out- it's wit, realism and compassion provide solace and optimism despite the bleak and hopeless words. I wish I had a Dear Sugar to write to right now but alas, not.

2. While I can't write in to a famous author with an alias for life advice, I can hound my friends and family to show me the ways of the world. Oh, my poor friends and family! They who have listened to my woes, held me as I have wept, reasoned with me when I have uttered the craziest, most outlandish and ridiculous possible versions of the reality out loud, met me at the gym to hear me out through gasps for air; you deserve medals of bravery from the Queen and a lifetime free from emotional pain for holding my hand through the dark and wild aisles of my mind. Thank you for all you have done.

3. Nature. Nature constantly reminds me that although there are aspects of my life will never be okay, there will always be beauty in the world regardless. Mountain tops, beautiful spring gardens, the early morning light that floods my lounge room when I'm listless and unable to sleep. That is nature's way of keeping on and it's constant proof to me that I can do the same.

4. Hope. I guess having been through the ringer before, and despite the low it was, I know I survived. Some days, it's tough to convince myself that surviving is enough, it feels like life is pretty black and white and it's either a success or failure sort of situation. I'm working hard internally to remind myself that surviving is a win in itself, that everyday I keep the hope alive I am one day closer to thriving again.

Find the things that make it okay, I know yours are out there.

Dee x.

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