Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Shopping Sadness Vol. 1

Late last week, I was walking home from the supermarket and all of a sudden, without any conscious thought processes involved, found myself browsing the racks of Country Road*. I found about a gazillion beautiful things to try on, all of which were reduced. Feeling like the professional shopper that I am, I waltzed into the fitting room, stripped off my clothes and got to business.

After about ten minutes of trying on the clothes and waging an internal warfare inside my own head, I left the fitting room feeling defeated. The lovely shop assistant took the clothes out of my hands and asked me 'Is there anything in particular that you were after?', before I could stop myself I blurted 'Oh, just a different body'.

The girl's face deflated to look pretty similar to my own as we shared a sincere moment between two young women who both hate their bodies. IT WAS SO FREAKING SAD. I went home and cried. The end.

Dee x.

* This phenomenon happens almost every time I go to the supermarket.

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