Sunday, 8 May 2016

08 May 2016

Cooking: a bean stew for lunches through the working week.
Perfecting: the perfect brownie recipe. It's gotta be equal parts fudgy, crunchy and chewy. Any suggestions?
Drinking: plain old H2O.
Reading: I'm recharging my kindle as we speak so hopefully something enthralling in the near future. 
Wanting: a coffee grinder but the purchase seems oh so excessive.
Looking: through the lounge room window and into the boughs of a bronzing Japanese maple.
Playing: Daughter. Her voice is so beautiful.

Loving: my little friend, Dusky the cat. He brings me endless joy and keeps me warm at night. What a little legend.
Watching: the new Game of Thrones season and Keeping Australia Alive.
Hoping: that my freesias didn't sprout too early and will still provide me with beautifully perfumed blooms come winter.
Needing: very little. Wanting very much.
Wearing: colourful clothes to make up for the grey old day outside. 

Noticing: my body and my mind adjusting to life as a working RN.
Thinking: about the past (always) and how it influences the future.
Buying: a fortnightly vegie box from local farmers
Getting: fitter and stronger with every hockey game I play. So glad to be back.
Liking: way too many cats on Instagram.
Feeling: like things are looking up. 

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