Thursday, 27 March 2014

A start.

Here I sit, in Hobart, Tasmania beneath our Mountain. Mount Wellington. 
Welcome to my blog. Here I'll post musing about all the things I love, those being mountains, food, the uni life and having a good time. 

To start with, here is my take on a post I found on Little Glowing Lights to give you some background to who I am.

Making: my bed every day
Cooking: a spinach and ricotta cannelloni with pumpkin puree and gruyere.
Drinking: not enough water
Reading: lots of nursing papers and other associated nonsense
Wanting: to take a bonsai class but funds are low and it is one expensive past time!
Looking: out my window, through a beautiful tree into the pale blue sky.
Playing: on some indie/folk playlist. It’s good.
Waiting: for cold nights so I can light the fire and cook golden syrup dumplings for dessert.
Liking: pretty much ALL the new season leather I’m seeing in the stores/online.
Considering: how to better manage my time. Taking on an overloaded uni course and a new job will soon equal mayhem if I don’t learn some skills in time management.
Watching: tacky but entertaining real life ambulance shows from NZ and Love Child.
Hoping: that these beautiful clear autumn days never end.
Needing: to keep on swimming even when my favourite pool closes this weekend until next summer.
Wearing: my Nixon watch. It’s a beauty.
Noticing: leaves falling and the return of beanies and knit
Thinking: about what is to come and how excited I am for it all.
Buying: not much, sadly.
Getting: used to a brand new pillow- Christ, it’s been awhile!
Bookmarking: blog inspo and tutes on how to use EndNote.
Feeling: pining for what, I’m not quite sure.

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