Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The post summer haze.

The days are still warm (sometimes) but the mornings and nights are nearly always cool. A few nights ago I could even smell wood smoke hanging in the valley where I live. 

I'm loving my new job, I'm up early and finished work by 10-11am so I have the whole day ahead of me to tackle uni which at the moment seems like a never ending stream of boring readings on theories, concept models and other abstract notions that are too far removed from nursing in practice for my liking. But I'm told they are important for setting the context in which we work so I persevere and try and stay interested.

Today is bright and sunny, there's a warm wind blowing and I think I might go for a walk along the beach. I spent the morning at uni, then meet a friend for a delicious iced coffee and sweet treat at Little Miss Patisserie (on Argyle St, surrounded by car dealerships), it was delicious, you should all get there asap! 

After that I drove around the back streets of Moonah looking for car part shops so I can get my driver's window switch fix. It's looking like finding the part will be a challenge but I'm driven by the thought of looking whimsical as I drive into the golden light with the window down and the wind blowing through my hair. 

I'm leaving you with a photo from a bushwalk I did in early February. These blue bird days always make me crave the bush so I thought I'd try and share that feeling with you too.

Silhouettes in the west.
Ducane Range Traverse. Andrew Winchester 

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