Thursday, 3 April 2014


Ah life. I woke up feeling cold this morning, a sign of things to come. I better close the windows in my room I guess. And now, while I'm trying to write a big assignment on ethico-legal reflection I am feeling consumed with worries of a different kind.

The rain has just started and the view of the weather sweeping past the window is about as joyful as I feel. Not very. Life certainly has thrown a curve ball and it's one of those times where I know I should just be a grown up and move on but part of me (quite a large part) wants to stick my heels in and demand equality!

Time will tell.

On a more positive note, I've found my kitchen mojo again. This week I've whipped up a vego lasagne filled with roast pumpkin, fresh ricotta and a tomato sauce made with homegrown chillies, tomato, capsicum and basil. Also on the menu: a hummingbird cake (too dense, will use more baking powder next time) and a lentil shepherds pie (cooked for hours so it developed some great rich flavours that can be hard to get out of vegies).

I think I'm going to start doing a weekly menu type thing. Just notes and photos of what I've eaten/cooked and some recipes to follow if anything was worth sharing!

An old photo to leave you with today. Sort of sums up how I am feeling (maybe on the verge of being swamped?) but it was actually one of the first climbs A and I ever did together so it really was a happy occasion.

Ocean Boulevard (8), Freycinet. AL

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