Friday, 9 May 2014

Hobart Love.

Thanks for being you, Hobart. I love your clear blue sky, your soft warm sun, your glowing afternoon light and your relaxed attitude to life. Keep on keeping on.

I've hit week 10 of the uni semester. In fact, really it's just finished and week 11 is about to start. It's busy! This week I handed in a final piece worth 40% to one unit and gave a presentation in another- hoping both went well! Next week I have a reflective piece and a 2500 word essay on tourism management in Antarctica due- kill me now. To 'console myself/ waste time/ force myself to realise that working hard equals access to all the things I want in life' I am creating way too many shopping baskets on net-a-porter then closing the tab at the last minute and spending too many minutes watching clips from The Voice on YouTube to remind myself that a singing career on a bad television show is always an option. But at this stage I'd still rather be a nurse.

Sorry if this post makes little sense, I am battling a rather bad hangover for a Friday afternoon. Turns out drinking with a bunch of 18 yo's is a recipe for a good time!

P.S. Thanks Mother Nature for putting on a show last night. Watching my first real aurora from the top of Mt Wellington at 10:30 PM is something I'll never forget. What a place to call home.

Colours in the Japanese Garden, Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens. DL

All paths lead to the Mountain. DL


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