Monday, 19 May 2014

Better hop to it.

Things have been changing round here. I'm all motivated to run again, I can see the reward in how it clears my head. I've also taken to mindfulness mediation after a not so successful attempt nearly two years ago. Last time it made me too aware of what a bad head space I was in. Now it's just a nice way to 'anchor yourself to your here and now' as the nice man tells me in the recording. 

Recently I also realised that I had pretty much turned into a vegetarian due to a. not being able to afford meat and b. being too lazy to cook meat for one. It was getting pretty bad. The other day I realised that it had been weeks since I had felt energised and I was able to link this back to my iron levels! Anaemia and I have been friends on and off for a while now but I'd forgotten about him and he was reminding me a not so subtle way... nausea, headaches, breathelessness, exhaustion. Since eating half my weight in beef though I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER! yay.

So, in between all this and keeping more and more uni work done I have been baking bread, stewing apples, cooking roast dinners and mexican feasts and admiring all the beautiful ladies in fancy dresses at Cannes. My favourite below, Blake Lively.


 Giambattista Valli


Tell me your tips for keeping your iron up, or any good mediation suggestions, or your picks of the Cannes festival (both the movies and the fashion).

Dee x

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