Monday, 6 October 2014

Burnie v Hobart

When the opportunity to spend two weeks living with Alex in Burnie arose, I jumped. I thought to myself, 'nursing prac? what nursing prac? I'm going to spend two weeks hanging with my boyf'. But you see, I was wrong. The nursing prac, although sometimes a bit slow, was all consuming. I was vacant, tired, distracted when I was done for the day and all I really wanted was to be at home, cooking in my own kitchen and eating dinner overlooking glorious Hobart, not staring into the world's ugliest courtyard from Alex's kitchen table.

Here is a totally biased list of the things that make Burnie and Hobart what they are.


bakeries fresh out of the 70's
empty streets
a truly massive woolworths with a disproportionately small range of items
one hours drive from Cradle
beeeeeautiful beaches
dominant primary industry
young kids, young parents and old people
whale sightings from the main drag.
Waratah (NSW varieties) growing on the nature strip


pigeon hole bread
a sentient mountain to keep me company
bonsoy flat whites
people on bikes
french cheese
tree lined streets
MONA/ tourism/ culture
people between the ages of twenty and thirty
shops that have competition
a sense of community

Until Sunday Hobart, I'll keep dreaming of you.

Dee x.

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