Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A snapshot in time.

Making: Olive oil crackers to eat with my very large wheel of double brie from King Island Diary
Cooking: some summer soup full of lentils, corn, kidney beans and fresh coriander.
Drinking: too much wine, true to form at this time of year I guess.
Reading: A Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog by Dr. Bruce D Perry. A very disturbing read at times but also very insightful for me as a future nurse.
Wanting: for my love to be home. 1 month to go.
Looking: forward to seeing Augie March play at MONA on the 1st.
Playing: nothing much these days.
Waiting: to hear the outcome of a job interview (I guess it won't be til the new year now).
Liking: the time of year, the long long days, the warmth, the fruit, the festive cheer.
Considering: the future.
Watching: the rain drops running off the leaves of the tree outside my window.
Hoping: for good guests, good weather and good times on my next work trip starting after Christmas.
Needing: to get on top of uni work. 3 work trips and a flying visit to Canberra in the first 3 weeks of the semester is not a good recipe for a calm, stress free study schedule.
Wearing: my delightful Nimble tights. Sold out I know, but you can still admire their beauty.
Noticing: my knee getting better. WOOHOO.
Thinking: about the year that was.
Buying: a few odd gifts but mostly just the essentials.
Getting: tanned.
Bookmarking: various chapters of my nursing textbooks.
Feeling: that hunger that really is just boredom in disguise. 

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