Friday, 5 December 2014

Time away.

Tonight marks the start of a long stint of nights where I will sleep in my own bed. Prior to tonight, I have spent a total of three nights of the last month asleep on a sunny hillside in South Hobart, the rest spent in Overland Track huts, on the beach at the Bay of Fires or most recently, in Canberra.

I'm feeling especially grateful for my time away from home because each night has represented something significant in terms of the opportunities that I am lucky enough to have had. From working in one of the world's most remarkable landscapes and sharing it with my guests to attending a two day workshop in Canberra for ASANNA (the Australian Student and Novice Nurse Association) that focused on how a small collective of amazingly accomplished student and novice nurse leaders can CHANGE THE WORLD! (Well maybe not the world but we can certainly change things like the experience of clinical placement, for both the student and the nurses they interact with AND the opportunities for nurse post graduation all in order to better the health outcomes of Australians).

So, if you're a student nurse or a graduate then I hope you too are inspired by the future of ASANNA and all that we represent.

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Dee x.

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