Monday, 30 June 2014

Right now, I am.

Right now, I am...

wondering if the possum who lives in the tree outside my window will spend tonight in the same way he did last night: clambering up and down the branches, jumping between the roof and the hollow plastic kayak behind the house and just generally making a racket. His silhouette against the dark night sky reminds me of how Hobart and nature are so entwined though and that's kind of cool.

thinking about making a hedgehog slice but put off by all the recipes I have read. Who knew it was basically an amalgamation of condensed milk, processed biscuits and cocoa? For some reason I thought that it could basically pass as some rare form of delicious health food.

planning a weekend away in Melbourne. Pretty sure it will be 4 days of eating which isn't at all a bad thing but it does mean that I may have to rethink my planned outfits to include more elastic and less skin tight leather pants.

forcing myself to get outside and run. It's awful. I 100% despise it. But I guess I despise the 'winter coat' I have developed just a little bit more.

wishing I was spending my holidays a little more productively or at least spending them laying poolside in Bali or some other equally tropical haven.


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