Friday, 13 June 2014

Work hard, get results.

So, it turns out I can be pretty clever when I want to be. After 3 years of studying a science degree (geography and environmental studies major) that drew out to actually taking nearly 5 years (!!!) I sort of surprised myself but signing up to another 2 years of studying to be a nurse. But it's been amazing and I've been reaping the rewards of working hard.

I was a relatively mediocre student in science, kinda didn't care because a big part of me always knew that getting a job that I would enjoy as a career path was going to be a tough ask but I kept going because I couldn't see the point in building up a HECS debt without having anything to show for it (but given the latest budget, maybe I should have quit whilst I was ahead!). My marks varied from HDs in the subjects I loved to PPs in those I hated (usually the ones full of statistics). But this semester has been a whole different story ... It's amazing what a bit of passion can do.

When you love something, you want to do it well. Maybe this shouldn't surprise me because really when I think about it, all the things I have loved like cooking or guiding, I have worked hard at until I have been better, until it's become something I can be proud of. Things like running and maths, not so much. So I guess my point is,  if you are driven to do something, take advantage of that drive and work it, you might never feel it again. And if you don't, and you've got some flexibility, then maybe sit back and wait til something more fulfilling comes along because as an example, if you don't love studying nursing, what makes you think you'll enjoy working as one?

Anyway, the point of this post has been to maybe motivate you to stick with the things you love, even when they get tough but also to be realistic about how you spend your energy and make sure you are working towards your goals! Also, it was also supposed to motivate me to go outside for a run but it looks like that didn't work.

Bye for now, I've got some apple crumble to tend to!


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