Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sleepy Sundays.

Introducing Dusky.

Dusky likes hiding from me and giving me heart attacks, headbutting my phone when I am not giving him my full attention, camouflaging with the couch, purring, eating, sleeping, sitting on the thermarest under my bed, playing with mr fish.

P.S I grew tomatoes! I've picked 40 of the little buggers since the crop started to ripen! They are so delicious and sweet. When I planted Terry I worked out that I had spent about $20 on the plant, pot, potting mix, manure etc so I remember thinking that I'd be stoked if I got the equivalent of four punnets of cherry toms out of him. Well, not only has Terry provided me with ample fruit, he brings me so much joy simply because a) I grew him b) he is green. Win win win win.

Dee x.

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