Monday, 11 January 2016

Summer in Sandy Bay, Tasmania

It's my first summer at Osborne Street and it's been a ripper so far. The glorious sun streams in our windows at all hours of the day and I'm almost certain that the windows aren't glazed so I can lie on the couch with my morning coffee and tan and then do the same with a cold beer in my hand on my bed.

The front step is a bit of an afternoon sun trap and it's also my garden! I think I'm inherently lazy and so I fear that anything grown in the actual garden (e.g. not directly outside my front door) would get neglected and die.

However, what I am growing is going for glory; I have two types of parsley, mint, thyme, chillies who were munched by a caterpillar and infested with aphids but I think I have won the battle after giving them a good spray with some tomato leaf juice, some delightfully fragrant sweet peas and TOMATOES! Oh my sweet Terry (the tomato), you have done me proud. After many sleepless nights of wind and a few frosty mornings, Terry has come through with the goods- SO MANY TOMATOES! Now, let the January sun ripen them so I can throw them into my mouth.

Garden dreams for the future: daffodils in pots, sweet smelling daphne and something to eat over winter (any ideas?).

The other highlights of Sandy Bay life include access to numerous scrumpable fruit trees, a resident pademelon who hangs out in my garden, friendly neighbours who grow beautiful roses and give them to me as I am walking home.

Even more excitingly, the love of my life (Dusky, the burmese kitten) is arriving in just over a fortnight. Be prepared for vol I- infinity of Dusky updates and instagram spam in the near future.

Dee x.

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